We are living in a post-modern world that currently sees the learning process differently than it used to be a few years ago. Education is considered a lifelong, never-ending process. Each of us is expected to utilise life opportunities to the utmost for their personal growth.

However, not everyone is mature enough and ready for this process. Negative experiences of the learning process at school often play a great role in lifelong education. Many of us have encountered poor-quality, uninteresting and dull teaching methods that have not prepared us at all for autonomous learning, which is the basis for self-development and self-improvement in adulthood.

Therefore our training and education activities include and rely on innovative, unconventional methods that draw from the principles of autonomous and experiental learning. Everything we do in education and training is based on experience. Attendees experience themselves in situations that are often borderline, unusual, unconventional, critical, limited by obstacles or so-far undefined for them. Our work and efforts are based on the philosophy of Augusto Boal, and each training session is based on utilising these methods.

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